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35 Foot Duffy Rebuild

Information on our rebuild

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I partnered with Baldwin Harbor Marine 516-223-1176 (Steve and Sons, Eddie) to help with the refit – they are a hidden gem in the Freeport area. Baldwin Harbor has deep finishing and mechanical ability and are great to work with. They are working closely with me and I’m able to do some of the work as well. The heavy mechanical, construction, and finishing being done by them. Steve was part of the buying process as he looked at the boat with me and committed to the project.

I can’t say enough good things about Steve and his crew – it’s turned into just a great effort.

35 Duffy Rebuild

Where did all the parts come from?

All the standard and parts and hard to figure out how to fit pieces come from Fred Chall's in Freeport NY. Chuck at Fred Chall's has been part of all my projects and he works closely with the Baldwin Harbor crew.

Specialty and Downeast types of parts come from Gloucester and Maine businesses.

Everything under the Deck was changed out

  • Removed all wood, thru hulls glassed and recut, fixed more sins

  • All Supports Changed

  • 4x6 main beams (replaced 4x4)

  • All exhaust changed, exhaust Port glassed and rebed

  • Lots of extra touches by Steve and Eddie e.g. reinforced transom w Coosa where exhaust port and underwater lights mounted, put deep bilge pump on an aluminum hangar for future support

Steering, running gear

  • Parts Supplied by Rose Marine

  • Hydraulic System Replaced

  • Pulled/replaced the Shaft Log glassed and recut/rebed

  • Replaced Tides Dripless, shaft pulled and checked

  • Cutlass bearing changed

Fuel lines and Maretron Monitor


Westerbeke 5.5 ECD Generator

  • Factory Recon - 0 hours - had an issue on the electric side and was never run


  • Soundown - unexpected cycles went into designing this - landed well - mufflers for the 3208 takes some thought - Matt was a big help


35 Duffy Rebuild

Bridge was removed

35 Duffy Rebuild

Into the work tent

35 Duffy Rebuild

The Bilge Before

35 Duffy Rebuild

The bilge after Baldwin Harbor Marine left no stone unturned - better than new

35 Duffy Rebuild

The Motor Before

35 Duffy Rebuild

The Motor after - T&S in Maryland did a fantastic job rebuilding the 3208

35 Duffy Rebuild

Blank Canvas - Time to start ripping it up!

35 Duffy Rebuild

Ripping up the old deck

35 Duffy Rebuild

Deck is off! Time to start grinding

35 Duffy Rebuild

Old dual ram removed 

35 Duffy Rebuild

New Dual Ram installed with new Rudder Posts

35 Duffy Rebuild

Soundown muffler installed

35 Duffy Rebuild

Progress coming along

35 Duffy Rebuild

Overhang going on - this is all high skill craftsmanship to looks, function and strength

35 Duffy Rebuild

The Second station is a game changer for the way i run the boat - when we fish i need to be in the cockpit so i can keep the boat in the optimum position, speed. I have to look at the crew, guests and fish to figure out where to put the boat to both find and land fish.

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