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Calm Sea
Captain Doug Toback

USCG 100T Master Captain

Captain Doug Toback

With over 30 years of fishing expertise in Long Island waters, Captain Doug Toback brings his local knowledge and experience to every Freeport Fishing Charter. Capt. Doug has been running and working on both charter and commercial boats across Long Island from a young age.

What sets Capt. Doug apart is his dedication to making every Freeport Fishing Charter a personal best for you. He obsesses over keeping you in the best ‘Strike Zone’ throughout the day, ensuring an exceptional fishing experience.

With a world-class background in Data Analysis, Doug is adept at determining where, when, and how to target fish during Freeport Fishing Charters. Every detail, from guests' preferences to the target species of the day, is meticulously planned to optimize your fishing adventure.

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Do you know how to pick and trust your Captain?

The Captain will match what is important to you and will keep your party safe. Your choice of captain will make or break the day. Here's what we offer ......

A Well Maintained Vessel

Capt. Doug keeps the boat in diamond shape. All major systems have redundancy and far surpass Coast Guard regulations. The refit Corazon is a virtually new 35 foot Duffy, a proven fishing vessel in Long Island waters. 

Outfitted with the latest Simrad electronics, top of the line Diawa Fishing Gear, and comforts & amenities such as a freshwater head and a heated/air conditioned cabin - we have it covered.

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In-Depth Local Knowledge and Expertise

We tend to have a higher catch and success rate due to a few factors. Years of experience lead to understanding fish patterns and behaviors - most of which depend on external factors. Time of year, tides, and weather patterns all come into play when fishing. There is no other way to pinpoint these patterns without years of hands-on experience and knowledge. 

Piloting the Boat/ Electronics

A well-run boat will increase success and keep everyone safe. What's the right speed? what direction etc.


For the 30+ years of running boats, this has been perfected and dialed in - there are a few techniques we use that we feel are unique. In addition - Capt. Doug field tests SIMRAD products helping the premier marine electronics company perfect their products.


Connecting Life, In and Out of Fishing

Captian Doug Toback

When it comes to Freeport Fishing Charters, Captain Doug Toback epitomizes the joy of doing what you love. He joins you on the water because it's his passion. With a lifetime of dedicated fishing experience, Capt. Doug is both competitive and results-driven, ensuring every Freeport Fishing Charter is a success.

But beyond his love for fishing, Capt. Doug is a devoted husband and father of four, prioritizing family alongside his fishing endeavors. His approach to life reflects his commitment to what truly matters.

Outside of fishing, Capt. Doug brings a wealth of expertise from his career in technology and data analysis on Wall Street. Years spent tackling complex problems with myriad variables have honed his analytical skills, making him a formidable fisherman. Fishing, like data analysis, demands constant assessment of ever-changing conditions and data. Capt. Doug's proficiency in analyzing weather, tides, bait, temperature, and historical patterns is a strength both on and off the water, ensuring every Freeport Fishing Charter is optimized for success.

Ready To Catch Some Fish? 

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