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Striped Bass Charters

Experience Legendary Striped Bass Fishing in Freeport, Long Island

Freeport Striped Bass Charters

Experience the unparalleled Striped Bass fishing in Freeport, New York, known as one of the Northeast's premier destinations for this prized species. Captain Doug's IGFA records in this fishery attest to the exceptional fishing opportunities awaiting our guests.


Combining the best fishing grounds with expert skills, we provide our guests with the absolute best chance of enjoying a banner day filled with personal bests. In both 2023 and 2022, we proudly landed and released hundreds of fish over 40lbs – these numbers are genuine and not inflated.  Additionally, we prioritize adherence to regulations, ensuring sustainable practices while still offering plenty of keepers for the dinner table.

We fish for Striped Bass in May, June, October, and November.  


The typical day starts early - we will leave the dock before sunup to get out to the grounds for the ‘magic hour’.


We will fish live bait and jigs with top end Daiwa gear.  We use Daiwa Slo Pitch Rods and Lexa reels for jigging and Daiwa Lever Drag Saltiga Reels and HarrierX rods for live bait fishing.  We jig with flutter spoons and diamond jigs. We typically bait fish with live bunker that we fresh catch while fishing.


Catching and connecting with Striped Bass is our priority.  


If conditions dictate we will recommend trolling with high end light tackle using MoJo’s, it’s super fun and the same gear we use for live bait fish.  Our guests will participate - setting out rods and varying depths. It’s also super fun - and ensures we maximize our opportunities. Book your Freeport striped bass charter today!

Ready To Catch Some Fish? 

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