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Calm Sea
Fluke & Seabass Charters

We have a platinum reputation for catching Trophy sized Fluke and limits! 

Freeport Fluke Charters

Freeport, New York has some absolutely slammer Fluke fishing - the Captain just needs to know how to catch them.  Fortunately, Capt. Doug Toback loves Fluke Fishing and is exceptionally good at it. We only utilize high end gear - if you want a world class day we match it with the highest quality tackle -  Daiwa Slo Pitch Rods and Lexa reels.  The Corazon fishes well as the boat drifts slowly leaving baits in the strike zone longer.  In addition, the Captain knows how to accurately position the boat to keep our guests over the prime bottom.

We typically fish for Fluke in July, August, and the first week of September.  Sea Bass will be mixed in and we can also target Sea Bass as the primary catch if planned with the captain for the best times.


July - the action is fast and furious with keepers in the mix.  There will be plenty of Sea Bass and Ling mixed in.

August - is Trophy time and we specifically are looking for the large fish.  The large Sea Bass and Ling are also compliant.

September -  will still serve up some of the largest fish of the year with Sea Bass becoming more dominant.


We go where the fish are - not where we hope they will be!


We can vary our start time according to our parties' preferences.  For the trophy hunters, we will start our day as early as they can handle.  For a more relaxed but still incredibly fun day, we can delay the start to 6-630AM.  

Ready To Catch Some Fish? 

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