Above the Deck Construction

The Coosa deck is in and being glassed. Coosa is a synthetic material that is lighter than wood and will not absorb water - so no need to worry about a soft deck in the future! We probably saved around 700lbs with the deck - the old deck and fish boxes were soaked.

The big skill work was done on the back of the house where the second station was laid out and glassed as well as the overhang in the house.

The design for the second station was to get the lines right but make it functional with a hauler. We lined the station up so nothing would impede the hauler.

Also small lip put on the roof to move the water to the sides.

There are lots of small details like this in the boat.

Below deck all systems are in - i'll take photos of the systems in a few weeks when most things are close.

The Rebuild


Bilge Motor and Bridge

Demo House and Below Deck

Rebuild Under the Deck

Above the Deck Construction

Overhang going on - this is all high skill craftsmanship to looks, function and strength

taking shape - it's all about the small details - lines, pice of Coosa laid up against the house, we put a water gutter on top to direct the water to the side.

The Second station is a game changer for the way i run the boat - when we fish i need to be in the cockpit so i can keep the boat in the optimum position, speed. I have to look at the crew, guests and fish to figure out where to put the boat to both find and land fish.

New Lines!