Captain Doug Toback

USCG Licensed for over 25 years

How do you know how to pick and trust your Captain.?

The Captain will match what is important to you and he keeps your party safe. The Captain will make or break the day. Here's what we offer ......

In order to have a great day it takes a combination of many things - Knowing how to Fish, Piloting the boat/electronics and Maintaining the boat in a safe condition. Lastly - does the Captain 'connect' with what you want to do.

Fishing - Capt. Doug has been running and working on fishing boats for over 30 years on Long Island plus he commercially fishes. Growing up on the water he started working on the best Charter boats in Montauk in the 1990's. He also has been active on the seminar circuit over the years and is willing to share knowledge so you understand what he is evaluating during the day. Inshore and Offshore across all of our Long Island waters.

Pilot the Boat/Electronics - a well run boat will increase success and keep everyone safe. What's the right speed, what direction etc. For the 30+ years running boats this has been perfected and dialed in - there are a few techniques we use that we feel are unique. In addition - Capt. Doug field tests SIMRAD products helping the premier marine electronics company perfect their products.

Maintaining the boat - Capt. Doug keeps the boat in diamond shape. All major system have redundancy, we surpass Coast Guard regulations. The refit Corazon is virtually new - every part has been replaced - read about that here.

Connecting - Life inside and outside fishing

It's really about enjoying what you do - Capt Doug fishes with you because he wants to. He has fished hard in his life and is competitive and results driven. BUT .... he also is a husband and father of four. Although he runs at full speed the way that looks will change on what is important to our friends.

Outside of Fishing - Capt. Doug has had a career in technology and data analysis on Wall Street - having spent many years analyzing how to solve complex problems with many variables and conditions. This part of his life has made him a better fisherman. Fishing is all about analyzing the conditions and data that are forever changing. Weather, tides, bait, temperature and history. This is his strength - on and off the water.