Whales, Dolphin, Wildlife and Tours

In the Ocean - We have amazing Wildlife and Sights right off Jones Beach! At times it's absolutely spectacular - with Whales breeching out of the water, Dolphins racing the boat and baitfish fleeing out of the water away from Whales and other larger fish.

We predominantly have Humpback Whales with Right, Sperm and others occasionally mixed in. Schools of Dolphin (actually they are Porpoises), huge schools of baitfish and predators.

The show starts in early June and lasts through July. It all starts up again at the end of September through November.

  • Generally these trips are 4 hours and we'll leave at 7-8AM. We want to get out earlier when the wind is still - it makes it easy to spot the Wildlife.

Tours around the Bay and Beaches - change up an ordinary date, proposal or family time. There is plenty to see with all the birds, famous sights, boats, docks and spectacular houses. Sunset, Sunrise are best as traffic is low and we also can go mid day if you prefer more people.

2 hour minimum

Special Times - Thinking about a marriage proposal - we'll take you somewhere romantic timing it with a Sunrise or Sunset and give you your space. The boat is big enough for you to be alone in the moment with the Captain and crew out of your way. Make it unique without having to travel to some distant place - it'll just seem like it!