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Fish Hard - we've had 2 IGFA World Records and huge fish - Big Sharks, Tuna, 50 pound Striped Bass, countless over 40, doormat Fluke, knucklehead Sea Bass and crazy limits for all those on board. To have atypical results means we fish atypically - leave early and put our head down - and stay late if we need to. We typically take the next day off so we can put everything we got into the day.

  • Inshore (Striped Bass,Fluke, Sea Bass, Porgies, Bluefish): 10+ Hours, leave between 4-6AM .

  • Offshore (Tuna, Shark, Mahi): This is customized depending on the bite - we may overnight or leave between midnight - 4AM.

  • Inshore Shark: 5 hours, Call for details

  • Tournaments - We can fish any of the local or major tournaments

Sometimes a great day is about a great day - we'll catch great fish and it's about having fun. Leave a little later, come back when you want and fish as enthusiastically as your party can handle. This is great for a bunch of friends, entertaining business clients or a group of family and kids.

  • Inshore Full Day (Striped Bass,Fluke, Sea Bass, Porgies, Bluefish): 8 Hours, leave between 6-8AM

  • Inshore Half Day (Striped Bass,Fluke, Sea Bass, Bluefish): 4 or 6 hours, leave 6-8AM or we can customize a time

Outright easy day - more about the experience and day with some fishing mixed in. Great for kids, first timers or a date with your significant other. We'll fish in the Bay, Inlet or Ocean on only the flatest of days. It'll be fun and you won't need to worry about it 'being too much'.

      • Half Day (Fluke, Sea Bass, Porgies, Striped Bass, Blow Fish): 4 hours