Fishing, Whales and Tours

We have flat out exotic Fishing and Marine life less than an hour away from NYC - no exaggeration. We want to share this with you and make for the day that is talked about at every gathering! We have the knowledge and boat to make the day epic and comfortable.


  • Hard Core Trophy Hunting - Offshore (Tuna, Sharks), Inshore Trophy Hunting, Inshore Shark Fishing

  • Fun Fishing - Focused on having fun and plenty of action! We still catch lots of fish - but a little dialed down.

  • First Time/Short Trips - Intro to Fishing, Great for Small Kids, Bay and Calm Conditions!

Whales, Dolphin, Wildlife

Did you know we have Whales and Dolphins, Exotic Birds, Turtles and schools of fish swimming on top of the water right off our Beach?! Great way to enjoy our local resources! No need to travel far, we have amazing sights right off of Jones Beach


How about a Sunset or Sunrise cruise, Marriage Proposal or Date/Family Night. We have a comfortable boat with plenty of space. The boat will be clean and ready for a day or night of entertainment.